We are always improving our software for our client's needs.  Our software is not a stagnate software package; we are constantly adding features that our customers need to stay competitive in the self storage market.  Users with active maintenance plans can request a free update at any time.

    Our latest Pro version includes an interface to accept credit card and electronic checking/savings payments from customers.  Your clients provides their account information and with just a few clicks of the mouse you can charge every customer's credit card or bank account their monthly rent.  Customers with the Standard version can upgrade to the Pro version for $400.

     For details, please send us an email for additional information about this exciting new feature that allows any size self-storage business to accept credit cards with or without a merchant account.  For customers with merchant accounts, this feature will allow you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express all with just a few clicks of the mouse.  To read about how PayPal can save you money, click here.  Our software can ALSO communicate with Authorize.net, click here for more details, PLUS you can now electronically charge a customer's checking or savings account (ACH) with just a few clicks of the mouse.


  • Version 7.2.7.G

Added ability to change subject line when emailing customers.

Fixed unique issue with upgrading 15+ year-old versions of software to current version.

Removed pop-up message about fixing months without payments in old versions of software.


  • Version 7.2.7.D

Maintenance Release for to correct Microsoft bug in Calendar Control for 2021.


  • Version 7.2.7.C

Maintenance Release for Windows 10 recent update


  • Version 7.2.7.A

Maintenance Release for Windows 10 recent update


  • Version 7.2.6.D

Added Employee Gate Code verification for DoorKing Gate customers.
Added Spectrum Cell Phones to SMS texting.
Vacant unit pop-up note has been added. Only displays when unit is vacated.


  • Version 7.2.6.C

Inside until detail, amount due values will be black when no payment is due.

Added the ability to repair Cloud Backup account without having to call tech support.


  • Version 7.2.6.B

Maintenance Release


  • Version 7.2.6.A

Added ability to search for customers by vehicle make and model.

Added ability to upload Vacant List file to customers for website integration.

Added ability to automatically fix months that had skipped payments.

Added vehicle information to Excel Export feature for each customer.


  • Version 7.2.5.T

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.2.5.Q

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.2.5.P

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.2.5.G

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.2.5.A

Added New Custom Color
Added ability to compact database
Added ability to Archive old payments and letters, plus ability Restore that data.
Added “Show Password” on SMTP Setup inside Database Options.
Increased Cloud Backup Size to 200mb.
Added "Powertel Cell” cell phone provider to texting capabilities.


  • Version 7.2.4.D

Added ability to only show late customers on credit card report.

Maintenance Release for Canadian Customers.


  • Version 7.2.4.C

Added ability to add and remove one-time fees to Open Account Customers.
Changed AdminFee to an One Time Fee.
Added AdminFee Exempt option for each customer.
Disable Download Arrow on Database-Backup/Restore during uploads / downloads.


  • Version 7.2.4.B

Added additional Gateways to our credit card processing ability.

Added the ability to request an update from within the software under Support.

Increased the size of the Cloud Backup option to double the file size.


  • Version 7.2.4.A

TLS 1.2 Security Update for credit card processing to comply with the PCI Council.  The PCI (Payment Card Industry) Council has declared that encryption protocols of SSL and TLS 1.0 will no longer be supported for accepting credit card payments. Merchants accepting credit card payments should be utilizing TLS 1.2 encryption protocols in their systems.


  • Version 7.2.3.A

Updated Credit Card processing toolkit.
Updated PayPal processing interface toolkit.

The Reset All Letters Function now allows you to cancel after resetting each letter.
Pulling Tax out of Non-Refundable Admin Fee is now an optional setting.
Activated Maximize Window button on Report Viewer.
Added PTI Falcon Gate Codes to Customer Grid Window.
Added second Vehicle Plate to customer search window results.
Disabled Search Button in Unit Detail when updating database.
After changing Database location, software now forces a restart.
Updated Zip.ocx control used to compress backups.


  • Version 7.2.2.F

Added Unit Size to custom report

Maintenance Release


  • Version 7.2.2.E

Added ability to view Customer Export Spreadsheet from within software.
Added Basic Report Viewer option.
Change wording of “Cancel” to “Close” on multiple windows.
During texting, changed “Feb-17” to “Feb-2017” to clear up confusion on due months.


  • Version 7.2.2.D

Maintenance Release


  • Version 7.2.2.C

Maintenance Release


  • Version 7.2.2.B

Added ability to send a custom email to a single customer.
Added additional information to error message for invalid cell phone provider.
Email Reports window now remembers last email entered.
Software will do an Automatic Daily Backup if configured from Database-Options.


  • Version 7.2.2.A

Added totals for each payment type in Receipt List Report.
Added payment check if payment entered is greater than 12 months of rent.
Added 10+ Canadian cell phone providers to SMS texting.
Added FutureRentIncrease and FutureRentDate to all customer letters.
Added color codes back onto Unit Detail window.Added additional cell phone providers


  • Version 7.2.1.A

Added ability to log text messaging billing.

Added additional cell phone providers

Maintenance Release


  • Version 7.2.0.Q

Maintenance Release


  • Version 7.2.0.M

Add [Accept Full Payment] button to accept what is due without entering amount.


  • Version 7.2.0.H

Add ability for software to remember view settings under Payments tab in Unit Detail.

Improved startup speed of software.

Streamlined Cloud Backup and Restore window.

Added ability for a Site Map as well as existing building maps.


  • Version 7.2.0.G

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.2.0.F

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.2.0.E

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.2.0.D

Added [Accept Full Payment] button on Receive Payment Window.
Added 10 new Vehicle Types to Unit Detail Vehicle Tab.
Added automatic local backup when closing software, no longer optional.
Added Port 587 to SMTP Email Configuration options.
Added auto formatting for credit card numbers to put dash in while typing.
Changed Late List and Current Customers Report to Portrait printer.


  • Version 7.2.0.C

Maintenance release.


  • Version 7.2.0.B

Maintenance release.


  • Version 7.1.9M

Added ability to send custom text messages to customers.
Added ability to not show refund payments during vacating on deposit sheet.
Added ability to print duplicate rental agreements when renting unit.


  • Version 7.1.9L

Added Cricket as a cell phone provider for SMS texting.


  • Version 7.1.9K

Added new option to only show credit cards to Admin users in Credit Card Report.
Added %%ChamberlainCode%% as new field in customer letters.


  • Version 7.1.9I

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.1.9.F

Added ability to have up to 10 unique usernames and passwords with different security clearances.
Added PID (Personal Identification Number) field to Unit Detail.
Added Gate Screen for RV Rental businesses to control gate access.


  • Version 7.1.9.E

Added new Rented in Auction color.
Added ability to store information for up to 10 vehicles per customer.
Added ability to not show locked out units in new late list option window.
Added prorated rent amount to end of year on Unit Settings tab in Unit Detail window.
Added ability for Admins to delete receipt images in Payments tab in Unit Detail.
Added option to show or now show Adjustment payment types in Daily Receipt report.
Added PrePaid amount to several reports and switch reports to landscape mode.
Added ability for new vehicle types to auto populate in other dropdown vehicle types.
Added Unit Index field to Customer Export feature to allow for easy sorting by Unit ID.
Added the concept of Opposing units to allow for pull-through units for RV businesses.
Added Assurance Wireless as a cell phone provider.
Added verification that email works before mass emailing customers.


  • Version 7.1.9.D

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.1.9.C

Added %%CUSTCITYSTATEZIP%% field to customer letters to replace three separate fields.
Added Ntelos carrier to our SMS texting feature.
Added the ability to change customer’s due day after receiving payments from customer.
Added new field in Customer Export feature with unit having apostrophe in front of it.
Added Company telephone number to receipts.
Added email info to Rent Wizard.
Added ability to type in unit number in Unit Detail jump dropdown list.
Added ability to sort Customer Grid by GateDevice code number one.
Added unique customer entered unit types into Receipt List report window.
Added automatic sorting of unit types in Receipt List report window.
Added ability to print Do Not Rent report.
Added additional payment types for Deposit payments.
Added ability for Deposit Sheet to not group payments with different payment types on same date.
Added ability in Late List Report to only show customers within a range of late days.
Added Prorated amount on Unit settings tab on Unit Detail screen on vacated units.
Added ability to have a unique customer note popup whenever a customer is viewed in Unit Detail.
Added ability to store data on three different vehicles on the Vehicles tab in Unit Detail.


  • Version 7.1.9.B

Added check for internet connection before attempting to send emails or texts.
Added First Name and address to Open Account Receive Payment window.
Added Rent and Size to pop-up when you hover over a unit.
Removed Teleflip as cell phone provider.
Change startup autobackup to only run once a week.


  • Version 7.1.9.A

Added ability to hide Gate, Vehicle, and CC/ACH tab in the unit detail window.
Added %%FIRSTMONTHONETIMEFEES%% to rental agreement.
Added check for required company email address when testing SMS texting.
Added ability to sort Unit Detail’s prior customer list by customer ID or by name.
Added customer’s name to Unit Detail’s Copy command dropdown list.
Added ability in Add Fees window to not display fees from vacated customers.
Added ability to search for customer by license plate and boat reg number.
Added ability to email rental agreement to customers.
Added ability to exempt customers from having a label printed.
Added ability to have 5 digits in tax rate for our Hawaii customers.
Speeded up Customer Grid viewing by only updated customer that was selected.
Speeded up program start by optimizing database reads.


  • Version 7.1.8.Z

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.1.8.Y

Added ability to test a customer’s cell phone texting settings.

Added ability to not display adjustment payments in Receipt List.

Added ability to have 9,999 backup files instead of 999 of them.

Added automatic local database backup on startup.

Added credit card expiration date verification to enforce MM-YY format.

Added sorting of Months Due string on receipts and letters.

Added visual success/fail count during mass processing of credit cards.


  • Version 7.1.8.X

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.1.8.W

Added Unit Type designation to the Rent Wizard.
Added Employer to Customer Export feature.
Added ability to print the customer grid view.


  • Version 7.1.8.V

Added ability for negative recurring monthly fees.


  • Version 7.1.8.U

Maintenance Release.


  • Version 7.1.8.T

Added the ability in Database-Options to CC receipts to company email address.



  • Version 7.1.8.R

Added Credit Card / ACH Transaction ID numbers to Receipt List report in check field.
Added 20+ new Credit Card Gateways
Added Straight Talk cell phone provider to the SMS texting features.
Added building breakdown totals to Usage Daily Report.
Added check during startup to verify valid database and give user options to correct.
Added check before local backup to confirm destination has enough free space.
Added text to Cloud window explaining what Backup and Restore buttons really do.
Added graphical wait screen to gate update for DKS to show software is busy.
Changed Receipt Printing to a bold font for easier reading.
Changed defaults for Cloud Restore to include all files instead of just the database files.


  • Version 7.1.8.Q

Added the ability in the Receipt List report to search for a particular check number.
Added a phone number field to insurance information tab in the Unit Detail window.
Added one-time fee fields to the Rental Agreement.
Added the ability to load a vacated customer from any unit into another unit.
Added First and Last Name fields to previous rented customers list in the Unit Detail window.


  • Version 7.1.8.P

Added spacing for Payments in the Payments Tab
Added cell phone field to the customer list
Upgraded file compression capabilities to unlimited database sizes.
Disabled FutureRentAmounts on linked units.
Added the ability to compress attached PDF documents to customer accounts.
Updated Move Customer window to not show damaged units.
Added ability to Save reports in PDF format.
Added ability to Email reports in PDF format.
Added visual display of gate being updated for single customer.
Added ability to remove customer photos.
Added ability on program exit to backup to email, or locally, or to the Cloud.


  • Version 7.1.8.K

Added field %%PAIDTO%% to the announcement letter.


  • Version 7.1.8.H

Added ability to maximize Receive Payment window graphics.


  • Version 7.1.8.G

Added ability to maximize building graphics. (Must be requested to be enabled.)

Added ability to maximize the Unit Detail Screen.

Optimized DKS DoorKing Gate Access for single customer updates.


  • Version 7.1.8.E

Added ability to hide credit card numbers depending on user access level.


  • Version 7.1.8.C

Added tracking of database restores to assist customers in tracking users of software.
Added ability to auto-update gates after receiving payments, renting unit, etc.
Added ability to manual update gate for single customer in Unit Detail.
Added ability for User access levels to update printer settings.


  • Version 7.1.8

Added the ability to send SMS text messages to customers for billing notices.

Added the ability to have different credit card billing address then customer’s address.
Added the ability to compact the image database to reduce file size.
Added the ability to compress each customer letter before storing it in database.
Added customer’s email address to Customer Export feature.
Added automatic verification that user chooses correct year before receiving payment.


  • Version 7.1.7

Added Windows 8 compatibility.

Added word processor capabilities to customer letters.

Added ability to attach PDF documents to a customer’s account.

Added the ability to email customer letters in PDF.
Added Handicap Accessible as a unit type.
Added ability to choose previously entered partial payment reasons when receiving payments.

Added ability to choose previously entered One Time Fees when adding a fee.
Added ability to check Maintenance Plan expiration date under Support menu item.

Added a Military dropdown list in unit detail: Active, Active Deployed, Retired.
Added check for duplicate Chamberlain gate codes when renting or updating a customer.
Added rent amount to customer export feature.
Added ability in reports to automatically use cell number when no home number given.
Added automatic note to Notes tab when moving customer to different unit.
Added security feature so User access level cannot delete letters or receipts.
Added ability to delete notes from Note tab by double clicking on the note.
Added ability to store letters on networked computers.
Added info to zip code lookup fail message to tell user to contact support of new zipcodes.
Added msgbox to Customer Grid about double-clicking on record to jump to unit detail.
Added autobackup whenever the Restore button is clicked in Cloud Backup/Restore window.


  • Version 7.1.6

Added ACH (Electronic Checking and Savings) payment processing ability. (Pro only)
Added ability to automatically add one-time fee when locking out a customer.
Added ability to have apostrophe ( ‘ ) on the notes tab inside Unit Detail.
Added ability to navigate customers by a spreadsheet window instead of through graphics.
Added ability to delete deposits from the Payment tab in Unit Detail window.
Added ability to add vacated customers to a Do-No-Rent list when vacating the customer.
Added ability for software to automatically verify new customers are not on the Do-Not-Rent list.
Added formatting of phone numbers into
###-###-#### format in reports.
Added ability to force user to enter a reason for accepting a partial payment for full payment.
Added toll-free phone number to Technical support window.
Added menu item under Help to view software version history webpage Whatsnew.html
Added social media menu items under Support menu for Twitter, Facebook, Blog, and YouTube.
Added additional filters to Receipt List report concerning Quick Receipt payments.
Added Year-To-Date button in Receipt List period section.
Added Current-Month button to Receipt List period section.
Added error message when activating remote desktop without active internet connection.
Added additional database checks for invalid InGrace dates in customer table.
Added ability to only show Special customers in Custom report.
Added ACH payment type.
Added ability for Customer Search window to search for customer’s cell phone number.
Added Gate Codes to the Move-in Move-Out section of the Activity Report.
Added Social Media links to the Help-About window.
Added ability to enter credit card information without forcing user to enter address for customer.


  • Version 7.1.5

Added ability to force a minimal late fee for same-day billing with percentage late fees.
Added ability to delete letter records from Letter tab in Unit Detail
Added unique unit types to Unit Settings tab in Unit Detail.
Added error checking for manually entered gate codes to verify within allowable set limits.
Added the BlueMoon interface to the Standard version.
Added message box to un-lockout a customer who just paid you from the Payments window.
Added the ability for software to store all Deposit files into the SS2 database.
Added the ability for software to store all customer photos into the SS2 database.
Added ability to change vacate date when vacating a customer. 
Added additional fields to letters for multiple monthly rent amounts: 
Added database compatibility check to verify database being used matches software version.
Added verification check for invalid credit card expiration dates.
Added ability to choose what month one-time fees are added too from Lien letter window.


  • Version 7.1.4

Added new tab for Vehicle and Boat information in Unit Detail Screen.
Added menu item under Support for “Remote Desktop Control”.
Added the ability to save Quick Receipts to transaction record.
Added message when credit card verification fails when renting or updating customer info.
Added Percentage Late Fee capability to Anniversary Billing.
Added ability to print some reports in Landscape mode.

Changed menu item “Internet” to “Support” to reduce confusion during support calls.
Changed Gate Account names in Unit Detail to only should accounts from rented units.
Changed formatting of message after adding one-time fee for easier readability.
Changed the wording under the Payment Info Tab in Unit Detail from “Fess” to “Fees”.


  • Version 7.1.3

Added ability to communicate with 83+ Credit Card Gateways including Authorize.net (Pro Only)

Added ability to choose a "Default Payment" type.

Added ability to only print customer letters in certain time frame for Anniversary billing.
Added Google Map interface shown by customer’s zip code.
Added ability to send email bills to customers in PDF format.
Added ability to print customer history report from the Unit-Detail [Print] button.
Added ability to give User access the right to delete payments on Unit-Detail Payments tab.
Added ability to group payments in Deposit Sheet.
Added option to include POS items to Deposit Sheet.
%%ALTNAME%% and %%ALTPHONE%% to all customer letters.
%%YEARTOTAL%% to all customer letters.
Added NextDueDate to Custom Report.
Added new payment type of “Adjustment”
Added msgbox to Cloud Auto-Backup feature when it fails.
Added additional Rent vs Deposit total amounts on Deposit Sheet to assist bookkeeping.
Added exclamation icon, instead of question mark, when payments do not match due amount.
Added ability for payments with type “Adjustment” are not shown on the deposit sheet.
Force Chamberlain keypad, lockout, and time zero to 00 for new customers.


  • Version 7.1.2

Added DigiGate 700 Gate interface.
Added Status and Days Late to customer export file.
Added ability to Export customer information after every payment.
Added ability to jump to any unit from Unit Detail screen.
Changed default customer search item to Last Name instead of Phone Number.


  • Version 7.1.1

Added a Cloud Backup button to toolbar for one-click backup to our Cloud server.
Added Negative Payment totals to Deposit Sheet to easier track refunds and NSF returns.
Added all One-Time Fees and Discounts to Customer History report.
Added Days Late and Last Payment Date to Custom report.
Added payment type and check number to Customer History report payment section.
Added column to Letter report and Letter tab to designate if letter was sent by email.
Added ability to jump directly to any vacated, late, or current unit from main Overview window.
Added ability to automatically email receipts for all payments for customers with email address.
Added Daily Receipt report to toolbar and Reports menu showing all income received today.
Added ability to communicate with new DoorKing software installation using Doorking32.exe
Added additional field to separate One-Time Fees from Rent field in Unit Detail window.
Added the ability for Anniversary billing customers to only print letters for certain customers.
Added the ability for Anniversary billing customers to only email letters for certain customers.
Added check for active internet connection to decrease startup time for computers without one
Added “Compact Database” as an option under Database-Tools to increase database efficiency.
Added ability to search for a customer by any phone number in their account.
Added ability to search for a customer by their first name.
Added Credit Card number verification on credit cards before processing.
Added the ability to backup database to any email address.
Added AES256 Encryption to the backup files, both local and FTP.
Added all custom customer letters to the backup file including rental agreement.
Added new zip code for Marana, AZ 85658
Added compile date and version info to the Help-About window.
Added customer’s phone number to receipts.
Added Unit Type to all customer letters including Rental Agreement: %%UNITTYPE%%
Added option for unique invoice numbers to all printed letters: %%INVOICENUMBER%%
Added DueDay to Rental Agreement fields: %%DUEDAY%%
Added ability to group payments by Payment Date in Unit Details - Payments tab.
Added ability to group payments by Payment Date and Customer in Receipt List report.
Added ability to show damaged units in the Vacant Report.
Added check for invalid characters in Tools-Quick Notes.
Added Tools menu under Database menu item to group database tools.
Added “Master Unit” to Unit Detail title bar for all master units for easy notification.
Added “Linked to x-xxx” to Unit Detail title bar for all linked units for easy notification.
Added option to select length of last name printed on Custom Report.
Added ability to enter Payment Type and check number in Open Accounts payment window.
Added $.-+*/\?,!@#$%():&; as valid characters in the Unit Detail - Notes tab.
Added encryption security to stored user passwords in database.
Removed the ability for user access to open Database-Options from toolbar.
Upgraded PayPal Credit Card Interface to version 4 for improved speed and security.
Set default payment type to "Cash" on Receive Payment window.


  • Version 7.1.0

Added IIF transaction export feature for QuickBooks importation.
Added error message if email billing fails to send email from Unit Detail screen.
Added ability to save most reports to a file.
Added ability to search for customer by gate access code.
Added ability to search for customer by contract number.
Added dashes in the credit card number on the Credit Card report.
Added Payment Type to Payments tab payment listing in Unit Detail Screen.
Added RegNumber to Enable STMP Logging checkbox caption.
Added initialization of letter margins to 1.0 instead of 0.0 inches.
Added database check for Null character for Customer ID in Payments table.
Added ability to print all graphs.
Added to Custom report the grand total of possible rent from all current customers.
Added automatic resize of customer pictures to fit in display window.
In Database-Options, force Due Day to 1 when Anniversary billing is checked.
In Database-Options, allow Late Fee Grace Periods to be before Due Day.
Removed message about SS2.MDB not being found on initial installation of software.
Removed message about compacting database on initial installation of software.
Fixed several issues with emailing billing notices to customers.
Fixed several issues with the FTP backup server.


  • Version 7.0.9

Added sorting by date of FTP Backup list.
Improved speed of FTP backup feature by compressing all backed up files.
Added ability to delete negative payments from Payment tab in Unit Detail.
Added option to have a company tagline on receipts.
Added check for default passwords when credit card info is stored in database.
Added ability to set margins in all customer letters including rental agreement.
Added Rent Wizard to Tools menu.
Added additional possible characters to note entry on Note tab.
Added additional checks for invalid Credit Card number entry.
Added additional checks with Label Printing when customers have zero for rent.
Added Apartment and Duplex to possible unit types in Unit Detail screen.
Added Unit Type and Unit Size to filters for Receipt List report.
Added new tab in Database-Options for additional settings for Receiving Payments.
Added new tab in Database-Options for additional security settings.
Added unique database to store letter images to reduce size of customer database.
Added additional error detection on PayPal interface to capture connection issues.
Added option to force a PaymentType for each payment received.
Added automatic deletion of payment feature when credit card processing fails.
Remove spaces from credit card number on startup.
Receipt List report buttons are now disabled after clicking [View].
Changed subject line in Email invoicing to “Billing Notice” for all invoice letters.
Removed damaged units from Vacant Report.
Improved formatting layout on Payments tab in Unit Detail screen.
Improved sorting of payments on Payments tab in Unit Detail screen.
Change wording on several menu items to clarify their functions.


  • Version 7.0.8

Added ability to print the Custom Report in Landscape.

Removed the ability to add a flat fee to only the first late month.


  • Version 7.0.7

Added ability to delete rent payments from Unit Detail screen.
Added ability to enable SLL security in email options without a SSL key.
Added check to only allow customer move-in dates back to 1-Jan-2000.
Added ability to search for customer by email address.
Added linked units to late list report.
Added Customer notes to Customer History Report.
Added ability to add a flat fee to only the first late month.
Added Min and Max daily late fees to Same Day Billing method.
Added check to verify C:\TSS and C:\TSS\regnumber exist in logging function before using.
Added Auction as payment type.
Added check to make sure Min daily late fee is lower then Max daily late fee in Options.


  • Version 7.0.6

Added credit card encryption inside the database when storing credit card information.
Added referral tracking for how customers found you including new Referral report.
Added ability to delete units from database after a graphical change.
Added ability to click on the six colors on main screen and view report of those units.
Added the year to Receive Payment window Payments column.
Added Locked Out customers to Activity Report.
Added the ability to send tech support the database via FTP without an active MP.
Added additional totals to bottom of Receipt List concerning tax and untaxed income.
Added check to verify backup folder exist before automatic backup occurs.
Added additional debugging code to Overview form.
Added additional verification code to automatic FTP backup code.
Added Message Box popup after successful Automatic Backup.
Added a Quick Note feature so user can add unlimited notes for any reason from main screen.
Added check to see if future rent increase date has passed, if so, ask to update rent amount.
Changed receipt to not print a tax line if tax amount is zero.
Changed security for User access to disallow all Database menu items except for Backup.


  • Version 7.0.5

Added Global Error Logging. Feature can be turned on or off in Database-Options-Export.

Added Windows version number to Contact Technical Support email subject line.

Added Bartercard and BBX as payment types.

Added ability to sort Customer History dropdown list by Unit ID, Customer Number, or Last Name.

Added Company address to receipts.


  • Version 7.0.4

Added ability to print customer letters on Post Cards.

Added unit type ‘Commercial’ to unit detail settings tab.

Added ability to reload a vacated customer back into their vacated unit.

Added ability to have max late fee per month for anniversary billing with daily late fees.

Added ability to have min late fee per month for anniversary billing with daily late fees.

Added warning message when attempting to make customer changes to a vacated unit.

Added three second delay after BlueMoon export to resolve timing issues.

Added DOB to Unit Detail customer information.

Added TenantInitials and DOB to BlueMoon.

Added date verification to all dates in BlueMoon export file.

Added to the Activity Report the date of each move-in and move-out.

Added Days Late column to late list, customer list, lockout list, and special customer list.

Added grand total due amount to Custom Report.

Added %%LASTPAYMENTAMOUNT%% and %%LASTPAYMENTDATE%% to customer letters.

Reduced the time it takes for FTP restore and backup by compressing database.

Increase all units’ fields in database to 10 characters.

Replaced Visual Studios’s P&D Wizard with Inno for installation package creation.


  • Version 7.0.3

Added prorated rent amount for each unit in Vacate report for same-day billing.
Added Vacate Letter.
Added BlueMoon interface.
Add "Pro" or “Standard” version information to splash screen.
Added checks to email billing to verify user has entered their email address.
Added checks before restoring database that the database is a valid database.
Added ability to send one email bill to customer from unit detail screen.
Added ability to add next month’s rent to email billing notices.
Added ability to view Linked Unit payments on Payments tab in unit detail.
Added the ability to choose foreign currencies in the PayPal Credit Card Interface.
Added enhanced email verification for all email addresses used by software.
Added ability to choose certain customers to only receive email billing notices.
Added ability to sort vacate report by Unit ID or Unit Size.
Cleaned up the Notes section on the FTP backup window.
Disabled buttons on Activity report while waiting for report to show.
Disabled buttons on Credit Card report while waiting for report to show.
Reduced startup time of software.
Reduced time to view reports.


  • Version 7.0.2

Added new section to Customer History report showing how balance was calculated.
Added check for Null value for Unit ID field in Customer table during startup.
Added enhanced startup messages on splash screen.
Added Backup Complete or Failed message during manual FTP backup.
Added menu item to purchase upgrade to Pro version.
Added Pro version capabilities into the software.
Removed backing up of customer letters to local backup option.


  • Version 7.0.1

Added Activity report.
Added Windows Vista and Windows 7 support to the Doorking Gate Interface.
Added Windows version to the usage file.
Added ability to filter by a date range to the POS report.
Added version numbers to message about newer versions being released.
Added additional security features to FTP Backup Server.
Increased daily maintenance plan verification for FTP backup to once a week.


  • Version 7.0.0

Added the missing dash to the unit names in Receipt List Report Unit filter.
Added the missing dash to the unit names in the linked unit section of unit detail.
Added additional info to msg after backing up to local media about flash thumb drives.
Added ability to CC all customer letters sent by email to the company email address.
Added ability to view prior renters of each unit including rent dates, rent paid, etc.
Added type of billing cycle to usage file.
Added DKS flag to usage file.
Added PayPal interface flag to usage file.
Added ability to view and reprint every letter that was sent to every customer.
Added ability to view and reprint every receipt that was sent to every customer.
Added option to make one-time fees taxed or not taxed.
Added ability to resize main Overview screen.
Added ability to resize Unit Detail screen.
Added ability to resize Receive Payment screen.
Added ability to resize building screens on new packages of TSS.
Added %%ONETIMEFEES%% to late and late fees letter.
Added %%RENTDUEWITHOUTFEES%% to late and late fees letter.
Added ability to filter receipt list by deposits, rent payments, or both.
Added ability to filter receipt list by payment type: cash, credit card, etc.
Added %%DESCRIPTION%% field to all letters excluding rental agreement.
Added PayPal credit card processing.
Added PayPal Credit Card Transaction ID to Deposit Sheet Report.
Added type of payment to Deposit Sheet Report.
Added new total at bottom of Deposit Sheet that excludes credit card payments.
Added receipt number to POS receipts and to the POS table in database.
Removed Help button from License form.
Cleaned up tab captions so they don’t get cut off when selected.
Changed First and Last Name in unit detail to darker color for easier visual display.
Changed menu item “Purge One Record” as an Admin only feature.
Renamed Options tab “Misc” to “Settings”.
Removed Cancel as an option when receiving a payment that is less than is due.
Changed formatting of long messages so they fit on the screen.
Force all PaymentType fields in payment table to either type TSSRent or TSSDeposit.
Changed Options form into a child form of Unit Detail.

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