The PayPal Plug-In for Tredd's Self Storage Software allows our customers with or without merchant accounts to accept credit card payments from their tenants.  The PayPal Plug-In accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Once you enter a tenants credit card info, you simply need to click "Charge Credit Cards" once a month and our software will automatically calculate the rent due for each customer, process the credit card transaction, and deposit those funds into your PayPal account which you can then quickly transfer to your checking or savings account.  Your customers don't know you are using PayPal, they simply give you a credit card number and our software will process their credit card via PayPal and their credit card statement will simply have your business name besides the amount.  With just three clicks of the mouse, you can now be processing credit cards with our software.  With a PCI compliance service, customers can be sure of credit card safety as sensitive data won't be passed on to the merchant.

NOTE: The PayPal plug-in is only available in our Pro version of our software, so if you currently have the Standard version of our software, you can upgrade to our Pro version for $400.  PayPal has a monthly service fee of $30 plus transaction fees to use this feature.  For customers with the Pro Version of our software, this plug-in is included at no additional cost.

PLUS: Once you sign up with PayPal to use this feature, you can also accept credit cards from a Virtual Terminal on the PayPal website.  This allows you to process credit cards for other reasons, such as the customer purchasing a lock, or for any reason you need to accept a credit card payment besides from within our software.

If you have any questions about this, please ask before purchasing this feature.

Can PayPal save you money on your credit card transactions?  YES IT CAN.

Send PayPal your payment processing statement and they will show you how much you can save using PayPal as your credit card processing method.

Call 1-866-784-3639

PayPal has been proven to save up to 16%

In Q2 2008, PayPal conducted a side-by-side comparison of our processing fees vs. our competitors' processing fees among 100 randomly selected merchants. We compared:

·   The exact same number and types of transactions

·   The exact same total payment volume

The result? PayPal would have saved these merchants an average of 16% on their total processing costs.

How can PayPal charge less?

Because we’re one of the largest e-commerce payment solution providers, our scale and efficiency lets us pass savings on to you. This means low flat rates and no hidden fees to process Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Plus with PayPal, what you see is what you get – one complete service that delivers:

·   No monthly minimums

·   No set-up fees

·   No extra fees for accepting rewards cards or business cards

No early termination or cancellation fees

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We are celebrating our 21th year of producing quality software for the self storage industry with our latest release 7.2.7.G on 2 Feb 2021.  Check out the What's New to read about the 50+ new features we added in the past year including Credit Card Processing with and many more features requested by our customers, such as how our software can help you be Earth Friendly and Green.

Our software is 100% compatible with all versions of Windows including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.  We are also compatible with all modern Window server editions since 2003 Server.

If you have any questions about our software, please contact us.


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