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The Nubians

My Nubian herd's main purpose is to supplement bottle baby angoras, but I really like Nubians and seem to be gravitating more towards them as time goes by. I bought strong goats with good udders and good pedigrees because I basically believe if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Our lines are mostly Saada but we have Foxwood, Goldthwaite,  and Beaver Dam. Special thanks to Laura Evans at Saada for all her help and advice and to Paula Gavitt at Beaver Dam for all her support and patience. My goal with the Nubians is to produce beautiful, high quality animals with good milking capability. I focus mainly on spotted Nubians just because I find them personally very interesting to look at. Our herd has tested CL and CAE negative.


Ch. Foxwood Genesis Passion

G6S normal

Sire: Faith Farms Genesis

Dam: Foxwood Pansey's Parsley

Passion Pedigree

Lynnhaven J Hot Expectations
NUBIAN DOE * N1301189 * DOB 2/24/04

Linear Appraisal
LA 2-06 88(VVVV)

Show Wins
2007- 4x3rd, 1x4th,1x5th

                                 2 yr old                                                                3yr old

                        ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador EX90
                ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Explorer
                        Kastdemur's Expose' 3*M
            *B Lynnhaven E Joshua EX90(EVE)
                        ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador EX90
                GCH Lynnhaven PDN July 10*M 92(EEEE)
                        Lynnhaven DJ's Jade 9*M 89(VEVV)
Lynnhaven J Hot Expectations 88(VVVV)
                        ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador EX90
                GCH ++*B Desert Acres Crown Diplomat
                        GCH Kastdemur's Desert Bloom 3*M
            GCH Lynnhaven CD Eclipse 2*M 90(EEVE)
                        +*B Kastdemur's Crown Explorer
                Lynnhaven E Moonlight *M 89(V+EE)
                        Lynnhaven P Star

Expectation is very tall long doe with an incredibly long and flat rump. Her dam,  GCH Lynnhaven CD Eclipse 2*M, , finished her permanent Championship this year and both of her parents Linear Appraised 90. She shows every indication of following in their footsteps.


Saada Mah Voy

G6S normal

(udder picture is her first freshening, unfortunately she got mastitis shortly after the picture was taken)

Sire: *B SG Saada Gandoph Gado (Dam SGCH Saada Lemon Albedo 5*M, EX92 LA 7-00 E92 5*M)
Dam: SGCH Saada El-Kaziah 2*M ( SGCH, LA 6-04 E92 2*M)
DOB: 5-29-05;
Mah Voy Pedigree

Black with bay roaning, frosted ears and nose, white poll and small white spots.

MahVoy is full sister to Saada Levitica

Beaver Dam Good Charlotte

G6S normal

Loudly spotted black doe.

Sire: Nut Farm Nubians BBS Pieplate

Dam: Nut Farm Nubians Nevada

Charlotte pedigree


First freshener

Rising Phoenix Brianna

G6S normal

Black loudly spotted

Sire: Ravenwood Joker's Wild

Dam: Beaver Dam Good Charlotte

Bryanna's pedigree

Rising Phoenix Emma

G6S normal

Flashy loud spotted black doe.

Sire: Ravenwood Joker's Wild

Dam: Nut Farm Medeline May

Emma's pedigree


Ain-Ash-Shams KED Turmaline

G6S normal

Sire: Saada Khair-Ed-Din

Dam: Saada Rhea Calypso

Turmaline's pedigree

(thanks so much Susanne!)

Rising Phoenix Zoe

Sire: Saada Bearly X-Man

Dam: Beaver Dam Good Charlotte

Goldthwaite Alaina

Sire: Loveland Brianna's Chinook

Dam: Goldthwaite Ambrosia's Amica

Alaina's pedigree

Rising Phoenix Zenobia

Sire: Saada Bearly X-Man

Dam: Ch. Foxwood Genesis Passion 




Rising Phoenix Cash Dollar

G6S normal

Black spotted, frosted ears and nose, white partial belt and white on front legs.

Sire: Ravenwood Joker's Wild

Dam: Saada Mah Voy

Cash's pedigree

Rising Phoenix Heat Lightening (aka Zeus)

Sire: Saada Bearly X-Man

Dam: Ch. Foxwood Genesis Passion 

 spotted, partial belted brown buck kid with frosted ears and white poll.

Ain-Ash-Shams T Caladrius

Saada Bearly Adonjah x Saada Lovey Dove

G6S normal (by parentage)

(thanks so much Susanne!)



Saada Bearly X-Man

Sire: Sand-Bur-Kids SC Grizzly (Dam GCH Narrow-Way DC Clarice 2*M GCH LA 7-03 E92 )
Dam: Saada Madame X

pedigree for Saada Bearky X-Man

Herdsire for 2009 kids


Black roan with frosted ears and nose and partial white belt.