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       Miniature Donkeys

Roseitta and Tanga Ray hanging with the goats

(Roseitta and Tanga Ray are for sale)

Tanga Ray and baby jack

We got our first donkey to protect our sheep and goats. We weren't sure if she would be able to do the job, because of her size, but when we tested her with our Newfoundland, she did a very good job. There are a lot of choices for guardian animals and each has its weaknesses and strengths. We still have an electric fence, and pen the animals in the barn, when the risk seems higher. 

Baby donkeys are due to arrive in June, so there will be some for sale at that time.

There are some really good sites for guard animal and predator protection. I have included some I found useful. 

Guidelines for Using Donkeys with Sheep

Predators and Control

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Predator Control




If you are looking for an LGD and have had no previous experience with them, I strongly urge you to get an adult dog that is already trained and that comes with a guarantee. You will not get one of these dogs cheap (unless the person is getting out of stock) so understand that when buying a working dog you will get what you pay for, but if it saves one prized animal it will pay for itself. On the other hand, if you get a dog for cheap to nothing and it kills or maims one of those prized animals your loss is far greater than what the cost of the dog would have been. Do a lot of research, ask lots of questions and by all means go to the farm the dog is working and watch that animal work with the animals. Always, always, always trust your instincts. If you have any misgivings about a dog, it probably isn't right for you.






Tanga, Miniature donkey Jennet

Tanga, Miniature donkey Jennet and her foal Storm

7-Up, Miniature donkey Jennet and her mom  Tanga Ray


Roseitta, Pink miniature Donkey jennet


gray with brown shade miniature donkey jennet


Marylynn- Tanga's baby