Lavender Hill Farm

West Alexander, PA

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      The Ladies of Lavender Hill 


Links to doe pages

(Nubians are on the Nubian page)

Sale does

  in the spring after kids are weaned the following does will be available:

Judea  Allinaise  Jubilee   

Current does

 Smoke Signal  Sage Brush

Dark Star    Phoenix

Ireland   Pixie     Alissa

Caddy  Joy  FireChild

  Ginger Desdemona Cocoa Puff

Pudding  Judea  Scarlett

Black Moon  Cimmaron  Mystery


Kid/yearling does

Bo Peep  Pamela Tara

Sookie  Sophie



Reference does

Jo-Lee-reference   Ida-reference  

  Kat-reference    Chloe-Reference     

June Bug-  reference    Etria-Reference

     Ember-Reference Moon Shadow-reference 

Cyanne- Reference  Savanna-Reference

 Salina - Reference Flan-Reference

 Rook-reference   Sicily -reference

Trixie -reference Violet  -reference

Miata  -reference  #9 -reference 

Tinker Bell -reference Nina -reference

  Willow   London   Carolina  Virginia

  Angie -reference  Suzy   Erika    Carmen

Splash: CAGBA registered pinto recessive



Bianca: AAGBA registered white





    Chloe: CAGBA registered red



Angelina: CAGBA registered red





Erika: CAGBA registered red




Sweetie: CAGBA registered red




 These are just a few of the does that have made Lavender Hill Farm their home. For more pictures click on the doe links.