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GCH Foxwood Genesis Passion 1*M
Purebred Nubian N1197296


Sire:  GCH ++*B Faith Farm AG Genesis
         3rd Place Get of Sire, 2000 National Show

                                                                      ++*B  Gasconade Polaris
                                                    SS. ++*B Faith Farm P. Aries (sire of 2nd place aged doe/96 Nat'l)
                                                                       Had Gadya Tzeitl 1*M
 S. GCH ++*B Faith Farm AG Genesis  .( 3-02 LA 90VEE)
                                                                       ++*B GCH Bar-W Santana J (83A+V)
                                                    SD.   GCH Faith Farm CSJ Galatia 2*M  (9-01 L.A. 85AVEE)
                                                                  GCH Faith Farm Charity 1*M

                `                                                Ch Foxwood M-P Royalty
                                                    DS. Foxwood Peanut's Pinnacle
                                                                Foxwood Peanut M&M (3-04 85+EVV)
D. Foxwood Pansey's Parsley (1-03 78AVVA)
                                                                Flora Farm Mentor (1-00 87VV+)
                                                    DD. Ch Honey-Bear Mentor's Pansey (3-03 **VEVV)
                                                                Ch Honey-Bear Hagen's Paisley

Information on Genesis:

    S: *B Faith Farm P. Aries A.I. (sire of 2nd place Aged Doe @ '96
            SS: ++*B Gasconade Polaris
            SD: Had Gadya Tzeitl 1*M
        D: GCH Faith Farm CSJ Galatia A.I. 2*M L.A. 87 (2nd place/2nd udder
                @  '89 Nationals)
            DS: GCH ++*B Bar-W Santana J
            DD: GCH Faith Farm Charity 1*M

4/27/93  - 3/10/02                                                              Black; white spots

CH Genesis is linebred on Cadillac Ramo Pats R, sire of three national champions. Shown three times in 1996, Genesis placed 3 x 1st, 3 x GCH, and 2 x BIS. He appraised E in back, rump, body capacity, and dairy character. He consistently improves heads, rumps, and front legs. Seven daughters that Foxwood Farm owns were appraised in July 2000 with an average of 89.3 (91, 90, 90, 90, 89, 88, and 87). Four daughters have finished their championships and two others have "milking" legs.