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Dachshund Page

If you can give a forever home to a dachshund check out

(there are links to other rescue sites there as well)



If a puppy is more what you are looking for I was very pleased with Noodle's breeder at MGM

If you are looking for a dog to call your own please check out this website and help a needy animal

 I am completely owned by a dachshund. Her name is Noodles. She is the sweetest dog and is my constant companion and I felt it only just to give her some web space :) There is not a lot of order to this page, but I hope it is enjoyable in spite of that.

Noodles is a chocolate and tan mini dachshund. Noodles also has a doxie friend who officially belongs to my daughter named Griffin (but he is my buddy too). I spoil these dogs horribly. Because I work at home they are always at my side and they usually go everywhere I go. I love taking them on outings as the dogs seem to get so much enjoyment from meeting new people and from the reaction from the people we meet, I think the people get a lot of fun from meeting these two great dogs.

I took a lot of time picking the dogs we have and it was time well spent. These two are the best dogs. I had shown dogs years ago and had thought of getting back into it, but realized that I could never take a chance on anything happening to the dogs by breeding them. I am deeply grateful to the responsible breeders out there that produce quality puppies even if I don't intend to breed my own.

 This is the coolest site for fun wiener pictures:














Griffin is an Isabella dapple which is a dilute of chocolate. There is a lot of controversy about the ethics of dilute dogs. I am not sure how I feel about the subject. I feel it is a beautiful color. I don't like to sacrifice health for color and I am hoping that he will be fine. I talked to a lot of breeders before I decided to take the chance on a dilute and most told me that the problems arise when both parents are dilutes. If I do run into problems, I will share it on this page to help others make an informed decision. Griffen DID NOT come from the same breeder I got Noodles from.

One thing I would stay away from, even though they can be very pretty is double dapples. There are well documented problems associated with double dapples concerning deafness and blindness.

One other thing that bothers me is so many breeders (and even good breeders) are breeding dogs that are not true miniatures, yet they call them miniatures. Miniature dachshunds are under 11 lbs. It amazes me how many breeding dogs are over the limit but yet still referred to as minis. It isn't that it bothers me that people breed the dogs, I just wish they would be a bit more forthright about their descriptions.