Lavender Hill Farm

West Alexander, PA

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We have tried to obtain a variety of breeding from good source herds. We are good friends with a lot of these people and we are grateful to them for letting us have the lovely animals as well as the camaraderie and exchange of ideas and advice we have enjoyed with them. Without them, Lavender Hill would not exist and my life would be a bit less satisfying.

Our breeding stock has come from the following farms (we had bought from some other farms as well, and though we did like the goats we bought, for whatever reason, we didn't keep anything from those lines so we have omitted those farms from the list):

Century Farm: Alison Johnson - IA

Clover Hill Stables: Mindi Harden - PA

Cloudspun: Sharon Chestnutt - OR

Coon Hollow: Diane Coon -  MT

Dry Creek Naturals: Tina Evans-GA

Fairy Tale Farm: Darlene Watkins - TX

Felbrig Farm: Fran Monk - PA

Maggie's Farm: Maggie Alexander - NJ

Mo-hare Farms: Chata Kelley and Christy Sconsa - CA

Peavine Hollow: Kristina Lawell - VA

Sierra Tahoe: Tracy Ross - NV

Shepherd's Croft Farm: Sally Campbell - VA

Speck Angoras: Fred Speck- TX

Texaselect: Ken Steblein - TX

Willow Creek Farm: Dawn Lantz - WA

Woolie Creations: Kim Gay- GA

The hidden breeding in our herd is Wheeler, Jennings, Brooks, Popper, Lockhart, Ebling, Pember, Haby, Ross (both Connie and Joe David), O'Leary, Binks, Mitcham, and Fisher.  Our goats are also Navajo, South African, New Zealand and Australian, as well as the farms listed and a few mystery lines that we aren't sure of. We have tried for genetic diversity, and good quality.