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Located in the South Western part of Pennsylvania, below Pittsburgh, Lavender Hill is the home of a flock of about seventy colored and white Angora goats. These little goats are the main focus of Lavender Hill farm. They are gentle by nature and provide us with the most lovely, lustrous soft fiber. Most of our animals are registered through the  Colored Angora Registry, some sales goats are not  registered because they have more than one minor flaw. As a CAGBA breeder and certified inspector, I follow the inspection standard when registering kids and will not register a kid I feel has more than one flaw, however these goats are eligible for CAGBA inspection and if they pass are  register able then. I usually do not register small animals as it is a minor and I do not know if they will grow enough.

Our goal is constant improvement. In our colored angoras we strive to match the registered white standards of perfection. 

We have strived to obtain very good quality breeding stock from some of the best breeders across the country.  In both our registered white and colored angora goats, we hope to produce goats whose fleeces are worthy of the breeding they are originating from, with an emphasis on fineness and uniformity.

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In Angora goats, there are basically four color types: registered white, white color factor, recessive blacks and red/black/browns (also referred to as dominant). All four types have lived at Lavender Hill, but we now only have dominant colored goats and registered white goats in our herd. We have several different colors and patterns including pintos, flowered and solids in reds, browns, blacks, and grays. We try to match our goats to your needs. If you want to produce color, we will work with you to match your herd or set up a starter flock that will produce what you desire. Color breeding can be tricky, even to those of us who know our herds well and have experience. So we can not ever guarantee colored offspring from the combinations we suggest, but we know our goats pretty well and will make every attempt to help buyers get good color results. We do not recommend breeding dominant colored goats and recessive colored goats together to produce color because the instance of white offspring are high. If you are unsure what group your colored goats fall into, we will try to help you determine this before you buy from us.

Ultimately we want you to be happy with the goats you buy from us.

Colorful kids are available in the spring.

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