Lavender Hill Farm

West Alexander, PA

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Alissa: CAGBA registered red doe

Alissa is a medium to large doe with excellent coverage and a mohair tail. She has blue eyes. Her fleece is soft and uniform and she has a straight strong back (though the picture doesn't show this). She has been a good dam and her offspring have been very nice. Her kids seem to be holding color well. I would like to see a prettier horn on this goat, but she is over all a very nice animal who is proving herself in offspring.

Kidding: 2008- dark red buck blue eyes; 2009-dark red doe with blue eyes, dark brown buck with blue eyes

not shown

        ssss: CSPN Java
      sss: MHF Mufasa  
        sssd: IJ Rama
    ss: MHF Buddy    
        ssds: Rufus
      ssd: MHF Nala  
        ssdd: IJ Rue
        sdss: CSPN Java
  s:MHF Cooper   sds: MHF Mufasa  
        sdsd: IJ Rama
    sd: MHF Petticoat    
        sdds: IJ Almond
      sdd: IJ Ronnie  
        sddd: IJ Raindrop
LHF Allisa        
    ds: Jupiter    
  d: Erika: bl. eyes      
      dds: Macho Man AAGBA goat  
    dd: Moonbeam    

All the known goats in Alissa's pedigree are red except for Moonbeam

Farm code: LHF = Lavender Hill Farm; MHF= Mohare Farms; IJ = Isa Jennings herd, CSPN = Cloudspun Farm