Welcome to Lavender Hill Farm, proud producers of the new Navy Bill goats. You are invited to take a cyber tour of our farm and visit the animals that make it their home. Lavender Hill specializes in producing wonderful fleeces for the hand spinner as well as spinning flocks and breeding stock..

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*****We are located in South Western Pennsylvania. *****

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  • Can you make money on goats? This is a question that I am sure all producers are frequently asked. I have always tried to answer that question truthfully. This link will explain the answer. This is a Boer site, but the information applies to all livestock. http://whitehousegoats.com/money.html

    Special Thanks

    While I was shearing I was thinking about how this herd came about and all the really special goats and good things people have done for me to help me build this herd. I want to acknowledge those people here even though most of them are no longer part of my life as many have moved on to other pursuits. Probably the most influential person to this herd is Sally Campbell. Because of her generosity my herd is what it is. She shared some very special goats while she was still breeding angoras and when she left the breed she honored me by entrusting her herd to me so I could carry on where she left off.

    The excellent Texas judges that I have shown under have shared their knowledge and vision of the ideal angora goat and have helped me form my own direction. I am especially grateful to Fred Speck whose judges talk solidified in  my mind what my goals were and how to achieve them and for selling me the goats to make that dream a reality.

    Special thanks also to Darlene Watkins for allowing me to have Tejus. He was a spectacular kid and I will always appreciate her willingness to sell him to me. Darlene is a wonderful person and one of the most descent, honest and generous people I have encountered.

    Sharon Chestnutt inspired me with her knowledge and dedication to the color angora breed and she has helped me so much during the years.

    Diane Coon, Kathy Barger Harbert, and Phil Sponenburg and I'm sure there were a few others, helped me understand the workings of color genetics and for that I am grateful.

    Thank you to Maggie Alexander for selling to me what would become my favorite doe and a pivotal goat in my herd and for just being a sweet person.

    Thank you also to Chata Clayton for selling me so many nice animals and for being so informative and darn right fun.

    Thank you to every person who has ever entrusted one of their animals to my care. I have appreciated every one of them!

    Thank you to Sharon Chestnutt and Sara Bewley for my inspector training.

    Thank you to Tracy Ross for the lovely goats and also for the informative discussions we had so many times.

    Lastly, but certainly not the least, thank you goes out to Mindi Harden for mentoring me in the beginning, for selling me the very first angora goat and for being so generous and so helpful and for giving  so much of herself to help a beginner get a start in farming. 


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